Friday, May 25, 2007

Comma Police, Arrest this Man

I like this power-sentence excerpt from the Times review of the new Newt Gingrich novel:

James nodded his thanks, opened the wax paper and looked a bit suspiciously at the offering, it looked to be a day or two old and suddenly he had a real longing for the faculty dining room on campus, always a good selection of Western and Asian food to choose from, darn good conversations to be found, and here he now sat with a disheveled captain who, with the added realization, due to the direction of the wind, was in serious need of a good shower.

I tried to diagram this sentence, but the diagram collapsed upon itself and turned into a black hole, which sucked the paper inward, folding it into an origami crane (to honor the memory of Sadako Sasaki).

No disrespect, though: it is hard to write when you are having an affair (they say), and anyway this will have to do until the next DFW novel comes out in probably never.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Perhaps Even More Surprising Than..

..the ottoman-humping gigolos showing up on The Daily Show?

No one seems to have registered yet..


Update: Duh: Andy Baio, who is better at the Internet than I am, points out that yes: of course it was, by Comedy Central.
Guess I'll go back to shutting up.