Note: Everyone here is aware that it is lame to call this a "colophon".

Recursive Bee is a blog written by Patrick Mortensen who lived in Brooklyn for a long time but now lives in Chicago because Real Estate.

For feedback/book deals, he can be reached at pmortensen[at]gmail[dot com]
(or, if you're feeling terse, @mrbikferd).

Patrick Mortensen loves all of his children the same, but he probably would say he loves these more than the others if in like a Sophie's Choice / only-one-dessert-off-the-prix-fixe-menu situation (WARNING TO GERONTOPHOBES: CONTAINS LINKS TO OLD STUFF):

  • The Do Monkeys
  • The Closet Origamist
  • The Brooklyn Lady Bloggers
  • The Dog Party
  • Pentimento
  • Thirteen Ways of Looking at an Ortolan
  • Presidential Quotes Reconsidered
  • Mr. Wong 925-8880
  • Lies My Parents Told Me, When I Figured Out They Were Lies, and The Probability I Will Tell The Lies To My Offspring
  • Early Draft of Text Automatically Attached to the End of Outgoing Emails from Horizon Securities Ltd.
  • How the West Was Fun: A Critical Survey
  • Reviews of “Special Topics in Calamity Physics” and the Bottle of Açaí Juice I Bought for Lunch Cleverly Masked as SAT Test Questions
  • Answers to Last Tuesday’s Pop Quiz in Early Romantics
  • Illustrations for 30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30

  • Also: some writeups of some old books on Splitsider that might make you make the "Not Too Shabby" Face:
  • It's Too Late, the Cones are Built: Inside the Strange, Writer-centric 1977 SNL Book
  • It's All in Books: Inside the Almost 100% Successful 1985 Late Night with David Letterman Book
  • The Invention of Nostalgia: Inside the National Lampoon's '1964 Kaleidoscope'

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