Friday, February 23, 2007

West Village KFC or Early Tori Amos Video?

You make the call.

Gaaaah, this is hard to watch, but by tucking my pant cuffs into my socks, I was able to do it.

The Department of Health had said that the rat problem at this KFC had been addressed. This is technically true, as the animals in this video have clearly turned themselves into some kind of otter.

Also interesting: a "BBQ Snacker" now costs more than Yum! Brands' closing price.
Just kidding.

But still.


REPORTER: The sign says "KFC: We Deliver" but the only thing they're delivering today...
REPORTER: ...are health code violations.
PATRICK'S BRAIN: Oh... Right. That makes more sense.


moonlight ambulette said...

personally, i like the audio on video. i like the part where they go "all you can eat once the store's locked!" and where they go "he's ready for his closeup!"

good stuff.

Patrick M~ said...

I like the part where I frequently eat at an underground food court in the basement of my building that has a direct connection to the subway.

I think it's OK, because I usually go to Pret, and the rats probably stop at Sbarro's.

( right? right...?)