Tuesday, April 15, 2008


To respond to this post on Doree Shafrir's blog from, like, February, there are a lot of plus-sized women in Chicago. (Dudes too.) According to anocdotal evidence, 83% of the stock footage of people shown from the neck down for the purposes of local news segments on obesity are filmed on State Street (source: anecdotes).

But it can't all be due to Italian Beef and Old Style intake, and so I was happy to find an evolutionary justification for the Morbidly Rubinesque-ness of the city: Cougar-Avoiding: (you think I'm about to make a joke about not DVRing Private Practice but I'm only going to make a joke about not making the joke); viz.--

Thing to Do Number Five on this increasingly relevant list of Things to Do when you encounter a cougar: Do all you can to look bigger.

If you take the cougar's age, divide by two and add seven, and you are still younger than that, better head over to Portillo's. THAT IS ALL WE'RE SAYING.

Whoa: And just as I was posting this, I opened Google Reader, and saw that Doree S~ just linked to the same article. that's weird enough for me to turn off the Internet for the day. If you need to reach me for the rest of the day, do not look on the Internet.

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