Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is how it works

Once every two years or so, the Extensis Community Blog, in a transparent attempt to drive up pagecount, has a contest wherein the participants write typeface haiku (or typeface senryū for sticklers. Hey, um, sticklers, we all think you're kind of bringing the party down).

I see through the attempt (due to it is transparent?) but I am not made of stone.

Although I am, apparently, made of honorable mentions.

Here are the contest winners.

And here are my submissions, for posterity:
(with the last one being the honorable mention one)

Here’s Palatino,
But look, there’s Book Antiqua:
Like two Captain Kirks

“My essay’s too short.”
(clicks Control-A; Courier)
“There! Ninety pages.”

For Bob Marley fans,
You want Gothic, not Roman:
“I shot the serif”

You use Lucida,
I will kick your ass so hard.
Please. Do not test me.

I composed this one
On a Linotype machine

Be sure to check this blog in roughly one biennial for more strained hilarity.

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