Friday, November 03, 2006

Answers to Last Tuesday’s Pop Quiz in Early Romantics

(1) Because her name is made up of two sacrificial people from Biblical times who were unable to commit sins (specifically, Christ and Able[sic]) [*]

(2) The number of up-beated words are always the same, even though the number of down-beated words can vary from line to line [*]

(3) antimetabole

(4) She has characteristics of mythological creatures, like [“labia” crossed out] lamia, vampires, zombies, bisexuals [**]

(5) They did not know what it was about and were tired of him not finishing poems and did not like the phrase “mastiff bitch” or the owl noises [*]

(6) [**]

(7) Hazlitt

* Half credit.
** Marked incorrect.

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