Wednesday, November 07, 2007

this guy has a goatee, which should not surprise you

Someone a few cubes over from me was just talking loudly about something, and he said, "I know how to move a donkey, so..."

It was said, like, "Don't tempt me, because I WILL DO IT."

(maybe it was something he saw on TV, because prior to this, he was talking about how stupid the people on Wheel of Fortune were last night)

What's sort of also funny is the person he was talking to went, "What, you just hit it?" and the guy answered, "Well... there's a couple of other options too," in this totally I-know-something-you-don't kind of tone, which meant that his way of moving a donkey was going to be to hit it.

I don't have a broader point. I just hate it when people threaten to hit donkeys.

btw: no disrespect to goatees (mostly); all I meant was that he looked like he was reeeeeeally into Mythbusters.

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