Monday, February 04, 2008

I Read Interviews and Find the Funniest Line, Saving You Valuable Time

From the Sight and Sound interview with Quentin Tarantino:

Q: You string together those long riffs, though, that are strong, Quentin-type lines.
A: Well, do you want me to write now like David Hare?

This cracks me up. Both the weird syntaxt, like his brain for once outpaced his ability to verbalize it, but mostly: Who comes up with "David Hare" off the top of their head?

Also good news, it appears that Inglorious Bastards will be coming out after my kids have graduated from college, so I might get to see it in the theater.

[actually, maybe just go ahead and read it, so you can see his "killer slave with supermacho powers done in the style of a slasher films" idea because it will maybe make you feel better about all of your own ideas?]

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