Thursday, August 28, 2008

perfectly good white boy

Doree Shafrir had a post about the 80s canon and “Better Off Dead” in particular, and I was thinking about the guy who wrote/directed that movie (as well as other end-of-the-cold-war-Cusack vehicle “One Crazy Summer”): “Savage” Steve Holland.

And Also: how I was recently watching some Nick or Disney (Nick, I think) show for tweens with my nephews, and at the end I was surprised that it was directed by “S”SH, and then not surprised? Because what are all of those shows but those two movies with slightly more self-consciously sitcommy acting?

And so I went on this interesting site called and looked him up, and do you know what “S”SH did, in addition to making the two greatest films of the 1980s (and yes, I’m including “Three Men and a Baby” in this assessment)?

This is what he did:

And yet I don’t see his name on the list of medal winners on the Congressional Medal of Honor page.
WTF, past Presidents in the name of Congress?

I can’t find his date of birth, but once I do, I think the least we should do is wear our collars up on that day.

And peg our jeans?

And peg our jeans.

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