Monday, January 19, 2009


I don't know when this happened, because I usually read it in the RSS Reader, but Jason Kottke redesigned his site:

Do not bother trying to turn off your greasemonkey script -- it is supposed to be like that.

Initial Questions
  • Is the red/white/blue just up for the inauguration?
  • Or is it just up until the first disappointment from the new president?
  • Did he use dozens of spacer gifs and five concentric tables, and was it a bitch to code?
  • Is he going to change the "burn-your-eyes-out yellow-green" favicon to match?
  • If not, why does he want our eyes to burn?
  • If our eyes are burning, can we still use ClearEyes even though its spokesperson is Ben Stein, and Ben Stein sounds like kind of a dickhole?
  • Is Public School Intelligentsia still up for some hardcore half-naked hand holding or has Kottke taken it too far?
  • If Jason Kottke were really good at the internet, then why is the domain still available?
  • Some other questions I'll have to think of later because we're out of eggs and this is preventing the making of cookies
Regardless, happy almost eleventh anniversary,

Update: Oh.

1 comment:

Glenn Vance said...

I think the word "dickhole" should be replaced by "asshead".

I need one of those DVD players that replaces all of the bad words with words of my choosing.