Tuesday, May 26, 2009

how to make me sad

It makes me sad when I try to make a joke and people (1) take it seriously and (2) respond to the joke earnestly; therefore, this post on this "collaborative" blog that hasn't been updated in over two years due to lack of energy and/or interest by two of the authors and the fictionalness of another author makes me sad.

Someone should really do something, or something.


mr_subjunctive said...

1a) Stan Apps is the fictional author, correct? I've long suspected he was a litcrit/poetry bot of some kind. (I just never said anything because it didn't seem plausible that anyone would go to the trouble to make a litcrit/poetry bot. Not practical, not lucrative, not decorative, so what's the point?)

1b) Or maybe "Stan Apps" is a collaborative thing too?

2) You want depressing, check out the comments on this post.

3) Since quitting my job, I'm about to have some more time on my hands than I used to (in theory). So maybe I could join? Who would I ask about that? You? Jessi?

Patrick M~ said...

(1) Let's say you want a collaborative blog where it's only collaborative because two fictional beings sprung from the head of the original author (like Athena from Zeus, which the joke is on Stan because Stan prefers Norse mythology): There is an Apps for that.

(2) FRIGG, that's about the worst I've felt about anything in several weeks (the whole thing, but esp. "now all i need is the patients"); my only recourse is to also imagine them to be fictional

(3) I'm trying to calculate your potential output when you have more time on your hands based on your output when you have less time on your hands, but Excel 2003 can't calculate petaflops..? Regardless, you might try Jessi, and if you get in touch with her, let her know that she will always be our Hot Baby of Substance