Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jipster Jaiku (please pronounce that like Spanish)

Siobhan Adcock, my friend from high school who was in Band, has a new book that comes out today.

Please note that every copy that is purchased will take one month off of Dov Charney's life.

So get out there!

N.B. Siobhan’s previous book, 30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30, is also required reading if you are alive. Plus, the illustrations have been described as “transcendent”.
Just now, out loud.


Samantha Moss said...

Good. Now that you're listening,
Got a Parliament?

moonlight ambulette said...

siobhan is cooler than you.

proof: she just bought me coffee. a latte! at starbucks!

AND she wrote a funny book!

but mostly, she bought me coffee.

so, she wins.

Patrick M~ said...

OK. I really don't know how many times I have to say this: