Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy 105th Anniversary of the Death of the Monocle

Someone on AskMetaFilter asked What's up with monocles? and someone else pointed him to this NYT article from 1902: The Rise and Fall of the Monocle.

1902! 23 years before Eustace Tilley!
(I kind of hate Eustace Tilley)

This article and the entire Times archive being online for free is such a victory for awesomeness that it totally just fixed a bad day I was having. I apologize to everyone I pissed off today. I didn't know there was an available article about the rise and fall of the monocle that I could access and read and then have fun imagining a bunch of dandies walking around turn of the century London without binocular depth cues.

I know that now. I am really sorry everyone.
Everyone? Christmas is uncancelled.

I wonder if the kids in that weird subculture of Victorian Steampunk Goths in Japan know the monocle is OUT.
I'm not fucking telling them. Those kids freak me out.

Update, 1/23/08: OK with Eustace Tilley again.
Most Updated Post Ever? Sources say PERHAPS, 1/25/08:
Dinosaur Comics (everyone is reading this, right??) drops some monocle awesomeness today.
The email-subject-line-joke for this one is "hey, who's that guy talking in the first panel? thanks for setting events in motion, guy talking in the first panel, WHEREVER YOU NOW MAY BE" which makes one posit: "Whoa, what if they guy talking in the first panel is the monocle guy? This might be some kind of scam to get people to pay for circus tickets. And the kangaroo might be in on it?"

also: "What if the author of this New York Times article is also the monocle guy?" is a question that I think now has to be asked.

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