Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Remember in Back to the Future II when Biff stole the DeLorean and gave a sports almanac to his earlier self so that he could gamble and win at various sporting events?
Well, what if Earlier Self Biff instead just got a job writing secretly ironic headlines for MSNBC?

That might be a good movie too.

Kentucky Derby Hopefuls Take Their Final Shot

oh man; poor dead horse. Although this probably bodes well for sales of Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul II: Tales of Passion, Achievement and Devotion. Totally the best book title ever!

ImprovEverywhere People: you should all buy this book and do something wacky related to it!


Aaron said...

In more glib-headline news, The New York Post decided the best way to cover a story about a woman running someone over with her car and killing him simply because he yelled, "Yankees suck" was to use the headline "Yankee Clipper". It's hard to out-glib the Post.

Patrick M~ said...

When I lived in Brooklyn, I frequently started the [early] morning off by taking my [then-] two-year old to the corner store to buy milk, and the Post headlines were useful in helping to shock my body awake (just the headlines alone, but also the fact that they are in Impact-Bold and underscored and usually come with exclamation points. Is the italics broken at the Post? If not, I admire the restraint..).

E.g.: on the news that Keith Richard had snorted his father's ashes, I had seen the Daily News headline: "I SNORTED MY DAD" -- pretty good, but I hadn't seen the Post headline until I was up at the counter and the guy put down the paper to ring me up: "FATHER NOSE BEST". I just started laughing, and the guy at the counter said, "You seen this?" and I said, "Yeah, I knew the story, but I hadn't seen the headline yet," and the guy rolled his eyes and said, "What a jackass."

So yes: the Post is always Good Times (except for how it is a terrible cancer that is raping our society from the inside?) (But otherwise: great).

P.S. Go Mets