Friday, May 23, 2008

Louis Armstrong: Closet Scrapbooker

I like these collages that Louis Armstrong did to decorate his reel-to-reel boxes.

Or, I guess, I like the story that he did it, plus the four sample collages out of one-thousand that are shown on the Paris Review site. If you want to see more, you have to click a link and the link takes you to a place to buy the magazine.

Tricky! But surely there are not 996 Louis Armstrong collages in the Spring 2008 Paris Review.

Paris Review, you are trying to grift us! We're not going to buy your magazine, unless the other 996 collages are in it, and also if there is a picture of a Miley Cyrus wrapped up in a sheet. As you may recall, buying a magazine is the only way to see that.

I will also accept George Plimpton wrapped in a bedsheet.


amy said...

I liked his collage that had like a thousand pictures of Brad Pitt and then some lips and then cut-out words spelling "Hottiez!"

Didn't you?

Patrick M~ said...

OMG, Brad Pitt's nickname in high school was "Pitt Bull"; did you know that?!?!?

Similarly, Louis Armstrong's nickname in high school was "arm bull"; DOES IT EVEN SEEM REMOTELY PLAUSIBLE??!?!?