Friday, December 15, 2006

Most Wonderful

You know that Christmas song that goes “It’s the most wonderful time of the year?”

OK, so you know how it has that one part that talks about “scary ghost stories”?
What’s that about? Did people used to do that? I mean, I know: A Christmas Carol, but other than that, did people used to sit around during Christmas telling ghost stories? That sounds awesome! We should totally bring that back.

(Please note: THIS WAS WRITTEN BY A GHOST!!!!!!!!!)
OK, your turn.


Jessi Guilford said...

That one is particularly irking me, at work (it gets played a lot because it's secular and therefore supposedly not offensive to anybody), because, frankly, I can think of at least two other times of year that are way wonderfuler: late April and the first couple weeks of October.

moonlight ambulette said...

my favorite xmas song is Jingle Bell Rock, because it's an equal opportunity offender. you never have to hear anyone talk about how much they like it.

Patrick M~ said...

Jess: Yes, but obviously you can't tell scary ghost stories in October.

MoonAmb: It's hard to imagine a time when that was "rocking" but I think maybe a worser song might be "Little Drummer Boy", especially that Tori Amos version where she sings all the extra verses you don't usually hear about Native American genocide and the pilgrim's feet and all that stuff.

Both of you: Me too, but why are you-- You mean you forgot cranberries, too? lol lol lollolrll lllllokflflvf

moonlight ambulette said...

i never forget cranberries.