Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back off, Lethem

Eat it, HUDSara Gran totally stole my idea of writing about Vinegar Hill, so I had to build a small cardboard house out of the box the office chair we just ordered came in, in order to stake my claim.

Let the word go out to everyone:
I call dibs on writing about one-room cardboard houses on fourth floor walk-ups in South Slope.

N.B. Before any Architectural Critics (or “Snarkitects” as Heidi Julavits and I like to call them whenever we’re hanging out) raise the issue that I have assembled the bricks as if the house were constructed within the game “Breakout” (or “Arkanoid”, for you youngsters) as opposed to traditional staggered brick format, and that my method lacks “basic structural integrity” and is
“doomed to collapse even more spectacularly than the downtown office complex project at 34th St. and Oak, please note that the house is also assembled with a total of 407 Hurriquakes.

So shut it.


moonlight ambulette said...

ugh, but there's a child in there. can that be removed?

Patrick M~ said...

Oh man! Jonathan Safran Foer beat me to my own cardboard house!

(He looks young, but he's an old soul.)